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Great Song-writing and Writing Better Lyrics

CAD$365Purchase required to enroll

Great Song-writing and Writing Better Lyrics

Have you ever written a song or two, dabbled with the idea or dreamed of it? Then this course will apply to you and give you tools to expand your writing.
This course is designed for anyone wanting to learn about creative song-writing and/or who is looking to add new skills to their song-writing arsenal.

Examine and learn

· Objective Writing

· Metaphors

· Productive Repetitions

· Verse Development and Power Positions

· Verse Continuity

· Perspectives and Point of View Writing

· Meter

· Understanding Motion

· and Song Forms.

You will also delve into music that supports your lyrics. By the end of this course you will have written a song that will be performed. It would be helpful if you have basic guitar or keyboard skills, however it is not necessary.

Course Materials - $25.00 payable directly to the instructor


Minimum enrolment for this course is 5 people. In order to give each person exceptional time, the maximum enrolment for this course is 10 people.


This course is an 10 week commitment. In additional to the 90 minute class each week, students should be prepared to invest at least a minimum of 2 hours a week to doing the exercises and learning the materials.


Singer and storyteller Jewleana summons bittersweet tunes that well up from the sparkling sanctuary of her soul. Her vibrant voice flows between silvery smooth and raw and vulnerable, empowering her to communicate the bright, joyful and dark, twisting moments and the vulnerable emotions of the vibrant cast of characters she dreams up. Jewleana’s original songs resonate like energetic diaries that reveal her genuine perspectives on magic, love, hope and self-discovery.

Canadian-born, Jewleana has always felt spellbound by the imagination of classic songwriters who were able to connect melody, harmony and rhythm to cathartic, heartfelt words. A proficient pianist and singer, she first learned the intricacies of piano and voice through the lens of classical music while growing up in Windsor, Ontario. At the same time, she explored songwriting by experimenting with her own verses, choruses and poems. While she was moved by the masterworks of Mozart and Beethoven, she gravitated towards jazz, Motown, rock and country music. Jewleana further committed to her craft at Selkirk College an affiliate of Berkley, where one of her graduating majors was in Composition/Film Scoring and Song Writing.

During her second year of school she was instrumental in writing a song with a team of peers called “Break This Chain” that received airplay on CBC radio.The song was written as a memorial as a tribute to the Montreal Massacre Day memorial. She graduated with honours with a major in Composition/Film Scoring and Song Writing. Since that time Jewleana has been actively pursuing song-writing.

Jewleana continues to study Song Writing with Masters such as Ralph Murphy whose songs have been recorded by Randy Travis, Kathy Mattea and Shania Twain, to name a few. He is also well known for his book Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting; John Capek well known for such songs as Rhythm of My Heart performed by Rod Stewart; Take Me Home recorded by Joe Cocker; as well as other music industry icons who have recorded his songs such as Chicago, Olivia Newton-John, Little River Band, Heart and Manhattan Transfer; and, Jim Vallance who is best known as the former songwriting partner of Bryan Adams, and who has written songs for other artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Aerosmith, Carly Simon, Rod Stewart, Roger Daltry, and Tina Turner to name a few.

Cancellation policy All courses have a maximum enrollment limit beyond which no additional students may be added and a minimum class size, which must be reached before a class will be taught. If the course does not reach the minimum enrollment, the course will be cancelled, and the course fee will be refunded to you. Once the course has started, the course fee is non refundable.
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