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Drumming Master Sessions

CAD$25Purchase required to enroll
The Master Session is a group drop-in format for drummers from Victoria and surrounding areas. Intermediate and advanced drummers will benefit from it the most (we can also start the same format for beginners if there’s enough interest). It’s a two hour long session which will consist of two main categories: Technique and Groove. The technique session will include everything from rudimental exercises to reading and interpreting ideas and also grip studies and movements. The groove section will include dynamic play, interpretation, independence and also style studies. The group is fun and casual, but at the same time determined and effective, think: Creative Drumming Boot Camp! These sessions are great for every drummer who wants to improve his technique, learn more creative ways to move around the drumkit and overall bring his skills to a much higher level. Also a great class for drum teachers to learn more about drumming and teaching skills.
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